Tue 09 Sep 2014

Our EP, 'House of Sharks' is now available to purchase and stream!

Happy Tuesday! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Today we release our first EP, 'House of Sharks'. Woo! You can now purchase it on Bandcamp, iTunes, and CdBaby. You can click on the links right here on Shoutabl! You can also now stream on Spotify! (search Messe House... Read More
Tue 05 Aug 2014

New Single by Messe

Hello Interneterz,   We're about ready to have our first EP, House of Sharks, available for download next week. But until then, we have posted our newest single, The Deconstruction. We're pretty proud about how this turned out, so take a listen and... Read More
Mon 19 May 2014

New name, sort of. Same music.

Hello lovers,   If you didn't notice, we slightly changed our band name. If you can't see what we changed, then who cares!   We are in the works of finally getting our EP online and available for your digital downloading pleasures. Stay tun... Read More
Fri 04 Apr 2014

Ch ch ch ch changes

We just uprooted and moved our entire studio to a new location. It was just down the street, but it was a major pain in the ass. The majority of our belongings is audio equipment. I guess we cant really complain there. SO! We will have the studio up and... Read More
Wed 19 Feb 2014

Our New Track "Fighter"

Good Morning World. Like most of our songs, this one took a bit out of us. But we like it that way. What good is a piece of music without a little bloodshed? While working on this song, I learned something about myself. It's never good enough. It's not... Read More
Thu 02 Jan 2014

Please Don't

Greetings earthlings,  This song embodies exactly what Mess is all about...creating music and expressing it in whatever form it takes. Our last two tracks might have given you an idea of a sound or genre. We don't have those kind of boundaries.... Read More
Mon 09 Dec 2013

New song "Buffalo"

Ola my fellow interwebbers,   We plan on releasing a new song every month, with the ultimate goal of releasing a record. However, we have realized and come to accept the way of the music industry. One song at a time, or a "single", seems to be more... Read More
Tue 12 Nov 2013

First Listen

It's always exciting and a bit scary the first time you decide to put music online and expose yourself. The usual questions flow through your mind... Is this good enough? Will anyone like this? Are those guitars during that verse loud enough? My vocals... Read More